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Kindness + Card Making

As you probably already know -- or could guess -- I really value handwritten notes and letter writing as a whole. That's why our cards are blank on the inside. We want you to say what you mean and we want you to write it in your own words and your own handwriting. It's such a lost art! 


That's why when I was given the chance to visit my oldest one, River's class and talk about writing cards and practicing thoughtfulness, I took it. 


Not only is letter writing crucial, but we think it's even better when it's taught at a young age. In our home, we make writing notes common practice.

I loved getting to speak to a room of little ones about why writing notes is a kind and loving thing to do. It was the coolest thing to watch how excited they all got, and to watch them make their own cards. There's nothing like seeing a little one write their friend or parent a love note. As I always say, the world needs more love notes. 


I'm going to be scanning in each child's card project and creating a copy for every parent in the hope that it'll become a special artifact and memory for years and years to come... and in the hopes that it won't be the last card they write! 

Encourage your little ones -- and yourself! -- to write more notes. You won't regret it.


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