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Card of the Month: February ♡

It’s the season of love! (But let’s be real… that’s always).

We’re all about February, because it’s prime time for love notes (our favorite thing ever). Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just about significant others. It’s about friends, family… everyone. Every single person deserves and needs a reminder that THEY ARE LOVED.

We picked one of our favorite Deep Breath cards for the February Card of the Month.

Order yours now, and get started on a love note or two (or three…) All of our Deep Breath cards are perfect for saying how you feel.

I'm Me Because of You
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February: Card of the Month & Valentine's Day

For us, Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating significant others, it's about showing love to all! We feel the same way about our cards. We want them to spread all kinds of love and joy, especially when it comes to holidays like this one. We kept that in mind as we chose our card of the month.

breathless paper co / fresh breath

This card from our Fresh Breath collection is vibrant, simple and sweet. Honestly, what more can you ask for when it comes to Valentine's Day? "You Are My Person"  means so much. It applies to boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, best friends... the list goes on. It's a powerful sentiment: You've found your person! The one who you can share everything with (even the silly or bad stuff) and the one who you feel completely understood with. We think this card is totally worth giving, for Valentine's and for always. 

When it comes to Valentine's Day in our household, we've made it a tradition to take our kids out on a "family date night." We let them pick the place, and they love it. Last year was our first year carrying out the tradition in Nashville, and they chose Taqueria Del Sol (y-u-m!) It's looking like that might be their choice this year too... but they said they'll "let us know" ;) We love family time around here, and Valentine's is no exception. 

Our little ones ready for date night last year.

Our little ones ready for date night last year.

What Valentine's looks like at our house. We love hand-written notes ;)

What Valentine's looks like at our house. We love hand-written notes ;)

P.S. Don't forget to take part in our#BeBreathless campaign now through the end of February, 2018! We want you to show us where and to who our cards travel to! Snap pics of one (or more!) of our cards out in the world and post onInstagram. Hashtag #BeBreathless, tag @BreathlessPaper, and be entered to win $500 worth of cards to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Winner announced after close of contest.