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Card of the Month: March

How is it already March?! Time is absolutely flying this year. 

We're especially excited for this month, though, because we have a super exciting opportunity for you to shop and give back at the same time. 

March 22 is World Water Day, a day centered around raising awareness of and funds for those who don't have readily available access to clean water in America and worldwide. This issue is one that most of us don't often have to even consider -- we just go straight to the faucet. Without access to clean water, though, it's nearly impossible for many people to carry out their day-to-day lives in a healthy way, and lives are in danger.

Starting now, 15% of all retail sales and 10% of all wholesale sales in March will go to Charity:Water, an organization devoted to providing safe, clean drinking water to those in developing nations. We're so excited for this opportunity to give back, and we hope you'll join us. We'll be updating on our progress using this linkYou can also follow along on our Instagram

All that being said, our Card of the Month this month is all about the importance of giving.

This card from our Old Try collaboration collection is special because it communicates a simple message so beautifully. We think it totally captures what's so great about giving back. When we lend our time and support to organizations or people that need it (or just hold a door for a stranger, or buy a friend a coffee) we feel good, too, and we deepen our strength of character. This month, we're thinking a lot about this card and about lifting others.


Y'all... we're so excited. Why? Because now you guys can order cards, napkins, coasters and "Tiny Cards, Big Words" straight from our site to your door!

Heck yes. This was a long time coming, and we're so happy to get to share ourselves with you a bit more.

Right now, you can purchase individual cards from our Blowing Candles, Breath of Inspiration and Old Try collections. But (super fun part) we've put together "card packs" for you, too. You can buy packs of 6 or 12 cards with the following themes: Love, Friendship, Foodie, Funny Birthday, Deep Breath and Baby's Breath. 

card pack / thank you / breathless
card pack / friendship / breathless

Plus, you can buy any of our napkin packs, sets of coasters, and anything form our "Tiny Cards, Big Words." collection.

tiny cards big words / breathless
coasters / breathless

As we roll full force into the holiday season and 2018, we made it even easier to purchase gifts and cards for your loved ones. We're even running a pretty awesome special...


Thanks for supporting us and getting us this far. We love you guys. Happy shopping!

P.S. Don't forget to take part in our #BeBreathless campaign now through the end of February, 2018! We want you to show us where and to who our cards travel to! Snap pics of one (or more!) of our cards out in the world and post on Instagram. Hashtag #BeBreathless, tag @BreathlessPaper, and be entered to win $500 worth of cards to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Winner announced after close of contest.