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Card of the Month: February ♡

It’s the season of love! (But let’s be real… that’s always).

We’re all about February, because it’s prime time for love notes (our favorite thing ever). Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just about significant others. It’s about friends, family… everyone. Every single person deserves and needs a reminder that THEY ARE LOVED.

We picked one of our favorite Deep Breath cards for the February Card of the Month.

Order yours now, and get started on a love note or two (or three…) All of our Deep Breath cards are perfect for saying how you feel.

I'm Me Because of You
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Kindness + Card Making

As you probably already know -- or could guess -- I really value handwritten notes and letter writing as a whole. That's why our cards are blank on the inside. We want you to say what you mean and we want you to write it in your own words and your own handwriting. It's such a lost art! 


That's why when I was given the chance to visit my oldest one, River's class and talk about writing cards and practicing thoughtfulness, I took it. 


Not only is letter writing crucial, but we think it's even better when it's taught at a young age. In our home, we make writing notes common practice.

I loved getting to speak to a room of little ones about why writing notes is a kind and loving thing to do. It was the coolest thing to watch how excited they all got, and to watch them make their own cards. There's nothing like seeing a little one write their friend or parent a love note. As I always say, the world needs more love notes. 


I'm going to be scanning in each child's card project and creating a copy for every parent in the hope that it'll become a special artifact and memory for years and years to come... and in the hopes that it won't be the last card they write! 

Encourage your little ones -- and yourself! -- to write more notes. You won't regret it.


Breathless Paper Co.

Our Inspirations + Our Story


It started with wedding invitations, baby announcements and party invites. 

But even before that, I (Jess) was hand-making cards to be sold in my mom's shop, Urban Cottage. I've always been infatuated with the idea of handmade cards and handmade letters, and sending mail overall. My family, friends, and even my two and four-year-old get mail from me (they are absolutely elated to get anything in the mail, even from me -- it's hilarious!)

My husband, Matt and I soon decided to take things to the next level and make a whole round of cards. I researched the ideal way to provide our future retailers with an outstanding, quality product for the best price point possible. While I did that, Matt began perfecting our aesthetic -- something unique to us (and he totally nailed it). 

Jessica and Matt Berinato

Jessica and Matt Berinato

With a round of cards done -- our original collection -- I got on the road and "pounded the pavement" to gather retailers' reactions to our work. I was so energized by the support we received, and before we knew it we were on our way to becoming a full-fledged paper company! 

Matt, River & Scout

Matt, River & Scout

One of our faves from the original collection

One of our faves from the original collection

We did our first trade show with less than fifty card designs, our catalog on cds, handwritten invoices, and fingers crossed. We were floored by the reaction we got. We wrote order after order and grew more and more thankful through it all. Now, we're ten years in and that thankfulness has only multiplied.

So, where does our inspiration come from? The everyday moments. The feelings we want to be able to give, the smiles and laughter we want to provide. Our cards are about having faith in oneself, learning lessons and loving everyone.


When it comes to design, Matt has that on lock. He and I work on the concepts and end decisions together, but our team works because we both do what we are good at and let each other lead. The design of our original line was inspired by old advertising art that Matt purchased and redrew, giving it a new life while maintaining its vintage feel and authenticity. Then, we added Out of Breath, our adult humor line (if you know what I mean...) 

Then, we dreamed up our Baby's Breath children's collection. This line came from listening to the funny way our nephew thought and spoke; we found it absolutely endearing. Next came Mini Breaths -- itty bitty cards with a whole lot of character. After going small, we went loud, and added Fresh Breath. It's a line with a lot of bright color and a bunch of fun. 

Our birthday line, Blowing Candles is a hand-painted masterpiece! Matt went outside and got creative, painting a bunch of shapes and textures on paper. Those paintings were scanned into the computer and that's how the look of our birthday cards was born. This was also the first line that got colored envelopes!

Scout, our daughter, inspired our Deep Breath line -- darker, deeper and filled with notes that merge the inspirational and the fun. Matt did an incredible job developing this new aesthetic and I fell in love with it. This line just continues to grow!

Last year, I added my little labor of love: Tiny Cards. Big Words. These gorgeous, thick, hand-lettered cards come their own slide box, ready to be given or kept or passed along. This project was a long time coming; I'd been dreaming it up since we started our little company.

"Collect Moments Not Things" from our Tiny Cards. Big Words. collection

"Collect Moments Not Things" from our Tiny Cards. Big Words. collection

In short, Breathless Paper Co. is a company born from creativity, passion, and a love of loving people. Tons of thought and laughter goes into each card, and Matt and I both make sure each one is just right for you guys. We're overwhelmed by the ten years worth of love you've shown us, and we can't wait to keep loving you right back and shelling out new designs that you can mail, hold onto, and pin up.