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Looking Back: The Atlanta Trade Show

We did this Atlanta Gift Show a little different than usual.


We drove from Nashville to Chattanooga and stayed there, just the four of us, for the night. We have all been working so much and needed a rest and just a fun hang out!! It was like a little day vacation.


We stayed at the {really beautiful} Read Hotel. It’s such a great cozy place, I highly recommend it! They have a pool and room service; our little buddies favorite!

It’s close to everything in Chattanooga too.

We rested, ordered dinner and laughed a lot! We went out for dessert though.


The next morning we hit the road to Atlanta. We got there, dropped our buddies off and got right to work setting up. We set up Sunday through Tuesday and the show started bright and early Wednesday.

It’s such a grueling job- getting set up and then to actually work and help each and every customer. But, helping the wonderful customers we see each and every show and meeting so many new ones always makes it worth it! 


Two of the days, our littles had to be with me. And let me tell you, they were so amazing! They helped all of us, were so patient and wonderful. I can never thank them enough for just simply being them. 

We launched two brand new entire collections, one is our children’s line Breathless Paper Co. Junior, added beautiful handmade special bowls and new cards throughout our lines! 

Stay tuned for a feature on all our new goods. 

Card of the Month: July

July is… HOT. At least here in Nashville! We’re doing everything we can to cool off and enjoy family time while school’s out. We’re also prepping for trade show season! Things are busy, but we’re making time for quality time.

This month’s Card of the Month seemed fitting: Collect Moments, Not Things from our Heartward Collection.

This card sums up summer. Moments. Making memories. Taking trips. Playing outside until daark. It’s what we’re all about.

Collect Moments Not Things

Our Heartward collection is all about encouraging loving-kindness and leading with your heart. See more here.

This card is a perfect “just because” card and a great reminder to send to anyone and everyone in your life.

Remember: Write More Love Notes.

Happy Summer!


Breathless Paper Co.

Card of the Month: May

This month, we’re excited to highlight one of our favorite cards from our collaboration with Old Try. We love their aesthetic, and this message is one of our simplest.

“Y’all” is one of those southern-staple words that’s comforting, warm and a reminder that you’re home.

This card is special because of how open-ended it is. Sending a card just to say “hey” is something none of us do enough, and we hope that seeing this card can remind you to reach out to a friend or loved one and just check in. It makes a difference.

Remember: Never. Stop. Sending. Love. Notes.

Breathless Paper Co. in Chattanooga

This past weekend, the Breathless Paper Co. family went to Chattanooga for rest, relaxation and family time. And, of course, lots of cute boutiques and paper goods.

Read on to hear about our trip and our Chattanooga recommendations — the food, the sights, the kiddos, the paper.

On recommendation from our friend Mariah from Shadowbox Paperie, we stayed at the new Westin Chattanooga, and it was beautiful! It's in a super walkable location, which is especially nice in the Chattanooga fall.

After arriving on Friday, we had to get room service because our kids think it’s just the best.

breathless paper co chattanooga
breathless paper co tupelo honey chattanooga

We were in vacation mode, so we got up later than usual on Saturday and had breakfast at Tupelo Honey in Warehouse Row. That area is designed by the same folks who created Ponce City Market in Atlanta — so it’s pretty awesome.


Afterwards, I was so excited to get to finally go to Shadowbox Paperie. Mariah has been a customer for years and years, and the shop is hands down one of the best paper shops I have been in. I fell in love (and walked out with a few things, of course).

Then, I dropped Matt and the kids at the (totally awesome) Children's Discovery Museum so I could go check out all the shops we work with and a few others suggested to me: Sophie’s, Charlotte’s Web, Seed, Blue Skies, Genevieve Bond and Furnish.

  • First, I went to Sophie's and… I want it ALL. They have bought from us for years and I hadn’t visited in so long. And let me tell you, I didn't want to leave. From the product mix to the way things are merchandised, this place was amazing.

  • Then I popped into Charlotte’s Web. They do monogramming and carry a bunch of our napkins. It's the perfect shop to get a special personalized gift! 

breathless paper co charlotte's web chattanooga
  • I headed to the Riverfront to see Seed — it's called the '“happy shop.” And it's filled with happiness! They just started carrying some of our cards so it was fun to pop in.

  • I stopped into Blue Skies, and I've been told I had to go in there. It's filled with all kinds of great gifts and paper. I think our Heartward line is absolutely perfect for this adorable shop!

  • After going all around downtown and the surrounding spots, I headed further out and went to Genevieve Bond. She carries a lot of our cards and our Heartward tees. It's a very large packed full of awesome goods shop. Everything you'd want for a gift, it’s there!

breathless paper co heartward goods chattanooga
  • Then, I went to Furnish — which is a perfect farmhouse shop! I was so excited that they carry Heirloomed so I had to make the trip there. It was so worth it. It has the most wonderful feel (and smells so good).

After going to as many shops as i could, I picked up my guys and we got ready for a fun family date night — our favorite.

breathless paper co chattanooga
breathless paper co chattanooga aquarium

We walked from the hotel to Old Gilman Grill which was delicious and had an adorable atmosphere. Our kids love getting dressed up! 

Afterwards we hung out in the West Village and saw a laser show, which our little guys loved. We ended the night with some Pink Berry and a hotel room dance party. (I finally learned the floss thanks to my son…)

After brunch and the aquarium on Sunday, we headed home. It was so great to spend some time away with our kiddos and Matt. Plus — we love seeing our products in action. As usual, thanks for all the support. We couldn’t do it without you guys and all the shops that show us love.


Card of the Month: October

Fall is HERE! We’re so excited for it to finally cool down, and for things to get cozy.

That being said, this month’s Card of the Month was an easy choice. Our Climb Every Mountain card from our Heartward collection represents an awesome part of fall: being outside.

To order this card or more from our Heartward collection, reach out to us!

> <


Love Notes for Father's Day

Dads! How great are they?! We think they deserve more than just a "day"... but we still intend to celebrate it in full force!

Father's Day is the perfect occasion for a love note or two (or three...)

We're sharing some of our favorite Father's Day card picks -- and you still have time to place an order on our site!!! They're designed with you in mind, and blank inside so you can fill with all your love and kindness.

Click any photo below to order!

To all the dads: thank you for everything you do. We appreciate each and every one of you.


Breathless Paper Co.

#BreathlessPaper #MoreLoveNotes

Card of the Month: March

How is it already March?! Time is absolutely flying this year. 

We're especially excited for this month, though, because we have a super exciting opportunity for you to shop and give back at the same time. 

March 22 is World Water Day, a day centered around raising awareness of and funds for those who don't have readily available access to clean water in America and worldwide. This issue is one that most of us don't often have to even consider -- we just go straight to the faucet. Without access to clean water, though, it's nearly impossible for many people to carry out their day-to-day lives in a healthy way, and lives are in danger.

Starting now, 15% of all retail sales and 10% of all wholesale sales in March will go to Charity:Water, an organization devoted to providing safe, clean drinking water to those in developing nations. We're so excited for this opportunity to give back, and we hope you'll join us. We'll be updating on our progress using this linkYou can also follow along on our Instagram

All that being said, our Card of the Month this month is all about the importance of giving.

This card from our Old Try collaboration collection is special because it communicates a simple message so beautifully. We think it totally captures what's so great about giving back. When we lend our time and support to organizations or people that need it (or just hold a door for a stranger, or buy a friend a coffee) we feel good, too, and we deepen our strength of character. This month, we're thinking a lot about this card and about lifting others.

Card of the Month: January

A new year means new goals and new starts. As we put 2017 behind us and think about how we've grown and what we've learned in the past year, we've picked a "Card of the Month" that we think expresses simply what it means to move forward and look confidently toward the future. 

This card is from our Deep Breath 2 collection -- one of our newest batches of cards. The words, "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day" are so real and important to us and applicable to everyone as they reflect on their year and try to better the next one. 

We love the modern design elements in this one, and we think it's a fitting card to send to so many of the people in your life this New Year and "just because." 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this month's #CardoftheMonth! Don't forget to flaunt your Breathless Paper cards... our #BeBreathless contest is still going:

Take part in our #BeBreathless campaign now through the end of February, 2018! We want you to show us where and to who our cards travel! Snap pics of one (or more!) of our cards out in the world and post on Instagram. Hashtag #BeBreathless, tag @BreathlessPaper, and be entered to win $500 worth of cards to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Winner announced after close of contest.





Card of the Month: December

December is all about holiday holiday holiday, and the holidays are all about friends and family. We love our holiday collection and we especially love sharing it with you. 

We chose one of our holiday favorites as our "Card of the Month" this month. 

holla days.png

This card is from our Deep Breath collection and it's simple and to the point. And super cute. This is the card that works for your funny family members and closest friends. Fill it with your note about why they're special to you, a funny memory, an old photo... the possibilities are endless. Just remember to give this year and to remind your loved ones that they're loved. We hope our cards can help you do that. 


P.S. Don't forget to take part in our #BeBreathless campaign now through the end of February, 2018! We want you to show us where and to who our cards travel to! Snap pics of one (or more!) of our cards out in the world and post on Instagram. Hashtag #BeBreathless, tag @BreathlessPaper, and be entered to win $500 worth of cards to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Winner announced after close of contest.


Y'all... we're so excited. Why? Because now you guys can order cards, napkins, coasters and "Tiny Cards, Big Words" straight from our site to your door!

Heck yes. This was a long time coming, and we're so happy to get to share ourselves with you a bit more.

Right now, you can purchase individual cards from our Blowing Candles, Breath of Inspiration and Old Try collections. But (super fun part) we've put together "card packs" for you, too. You can buy packs of 6 or 12 cards with the following themes: Love, Friendship, Foodie, Funny Birthday, Deep Breath and Baby's Breath. 

card pack / thank you / breathless
card pack / friendship / breathless

Plus, you can buy any of our napkin packs, sets of coasters, and anything form our "Tiny Cards, Big Words." collection.

tiny cards big words / breathless
coasters / breathless

As we roll full force into the holiday season and 2018, we made it even easier to purchase gifts and cards for your loved ones. We're even running a pretty awesome special...


Thanks for supporting us and getting us this far. We love you guys. Happy shopping!

P.S. Don't forget to take part in our #BeBreathless campaign now through the end of February, 2018! We want you to show us where and to who our cards travel to! Snap pics of one (or more!) of our cards out in the world and post on Instagram. Hashtag #BeBreathless, tag @BreathlessPaper, and be entered to win $500 worth of cards to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Winner announced after close of contest.