Looking Toward Summer

It seems crazy to even be saying the word "summer" (especially because we just got snow here in Nashville this week) but believe it or not, it's coming and it's coming quick.

We can't wait for porch weather and bare feet, and our little ones can't wait for school to be out so that they can run wild. 

You may not think of summertime as a "greeting card season" but we do. Partly because we believe in sending notes all year long, but also because of the end of school, graduations and yard parties. 

It's the perfect chance to tell a teacher "thanks so much" or a friend "YOU DID IT!!!" Not to mention, we end up using tons of cocktail napkins when it warms up... ;) 

Check out some of our favorite cards & goods for this season:

End of School & Graduation

These cards say "congrats" and "thank you" to those who deserve it: our grads and our teachers.


Summertime + Outdoor Gatherings

These cards & cocktail napkins are ideal for host(ess) gifts, "I'm thinking of you"s or for party decor.

Here's hoping it continues to get warmer! 

P.S. -- Not sure what cards you're feelin'? Try a grab bag or a card pack!