Meet: Ashley Galloza of The Rootless Wanderer

The Rootless Wanderer is a unique online boutique that carries the best of the best American made goods. Ashley Galloza, founder and creative mind behind the boutique, has an eye for maker-made goods. We're honored that she carries Breathless Paper Co.! We talked to Ashley about The Rootless Wanderer and her relationship with Breathless. Read on for her story and philosophy behind her online boutique. 

Breathless Paper Co.: How long has The Rootless Wanderer been around?

Ashley Galloza: The Rootless Wanderer made its Instagram presence November 2016, and the website launched January 1st, 2017. I just missed the ending of market season so I found my inventory through my personal Instagram following. For so long I followed artist and markers that one day I hoped to carry in my shop.

BPC: Tell us a little bit about the mission behind your company.

AG: I am a military spouse, my husband serves in the United States Marine Corps. I have become a rootless wanderer due to this military lifestyle. Most would never understand it unless you are living it. My mission behind my company is to embrace Handmade and American Made Goods.

BPC: What do you love most about your job?

AG: I love creating and building my own brand. But I absolutely love being a buyer and going to markets to search for goods. Getting to meet the artists and markers behind such inspirational stories. Then I get to share with the world a unique collection of my favorite things.

BPC: How long have you been working with Breathless Paper Co.?

AG: I met Jessica at the Atlanta Market in January of 2017.

BPC: How do you select the other products you carry?

AG: There are four ways that I selected the products that I carry in my shop. It has to be Handmade and American Made. Has to have a good story, sense of inspiration, and I have to get this "excitement" feeling over the product. 

BPC:  What's your favorite part about working with artists and makers? Why is it important?

AG: Creating and maintaining a relationship with artists and makers is one of my favorite parts. I think being as excited about their product as they are is important. I love doing collaborations.

BPC: If you weren't running The Rootless Wanderer what would you be doing?

AG: If I wasn't running The Rootless Wanderer and weren't living this military lifestyle I would have a brick and mortar. It has always been a dream of mine since I was young to open a boutique.

BPC: What's your favorite BPC card or item? Why?

AG: My favorite BPC item is the tiny cards, big words message cards. I think they are just so inspirational and an every day reminder.

Check out The Rootless Wanderer for all of your American made and handmade goods needs. We can't get enough of Ashley's curated collection! 

Posted on August 18, 2017 .