Breathless Paper Co. on the West Coast

Recently, Matt and I traveled to LA for a trip that was part business, part pleasure - and 100% totally awesome.

After a whirlwind of flight changes and lost luggage, we went to dinner and the to see Levon - a band Matt is working with - at the Peppermint Room in West Hollywood. The space was great, and the sound was even better! Plus, the band was an incredible rock/country mix and are clearly so talented. 


Matt spent time in LA right after college, so I got to see into a part of his life I'd never experienced, and it was so fun! We drove the Belmont Shores neighborhood and had brunch at a small hole in the wall diner - Chuck's Coffee - which we both loved. It's retro in style and has the best omelettes. My favorite part, though was the sign that read: "Locally World Famous." 

Once Matt headed off to work at his video shoot with the band, I met my cousins in Dana Pointe for the day. My takeaway from the journey was: traffic is terrible. Nonetheless, I made it back to the hotel just in time to grab cocktails with Matt after his shoot!

Wednesday was an early start! Matt was working all day so I was on my own to explore and pop in to see a bunch of shops, some of which have been carrying Breathless Paper Co. for years!

The drive to Pasadena from Marina del Ray was gorgeous, and the perfect way to start a day. I went to see Marci, who owns the most wonderful special shop called Lulamae. It is full of amazing energy and was truly a special spot. She also has her own line of greeting cards that are hilarious!! I had to have some of the cards, and I also picked up the best little wish jar as a gift for Matt. 

I worked up an appetite walking around Pasadena, so I stopped for lunch and then ducked into Buttercup, a great baby gear and kids shop. Of course, I had to find something for our little ones. I snagged some new sets of tegu blocks for them since they just love them, and I love watching them get creative when they play. 

Next stop: Culver City. I popped into Lundeens - a shop packed with awesomeness. They carry an incredible mix of baby and kids goods (yes…my kids got some great stuff from here too!) as well as stationery, candles, body products and some hilarious finds that gave me a good laugh.

Later on, I went to Burro in Venice Beach. Let me just tell you... this shop was all i imagined it to be and more! We have been working with them for years and i wanted to buy everything. I left with just what I could fit into my suitcase among the things I got our kiddos. 

Los Angeles is full of unique boutiques and hip spots that allow creativity to thrive. I couldn't get enough! Matt and I loved exploring, and I was so happy to cross some shops off my list. As if you needed anyone else to convince you LA is awesome... I'm giving you my recommendation!



Breathless Paper Co.

Posted on May 5, 2017 .