Best Friends' Day

It’s almost time for National Best Friends Day! On June 8, prepare for 24 hours of social media love proclamation and an excuse to endlessly and publicly fawn over your best friend(s) and politely embarrass them with old photos featuring braces and bad haircuts. But really, Best Friends Day is pretty cool. Friends are so necessary and important. Ideally, you’re throwing some love toward your friends on a daily basis, but it goes without saying that life is hectic and much too fast and sometimes we forget. To our Atlantans, here are a few ways we suggest to slow it down and spread the love (plus some awesome cards to accompany your adventures):

Squeeze in some time at the (juice) bar! The juice cleanse isn’t a myth. Share a juice (or get your own, because you know you want to) with your best friend and feel good while doing it. Inman Park, Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market all have perfect places to sip and share a moment (or two or three). Kale Me Crazy in Inman Park has fresh juices and smoothies, plus wraps and salads to munch on if you feel like extending your juice-date beyond the juice. Nature’s Garden Express in Krog Street Market offers wheatgrass shots (yes, that’s a thing), juices and smoothies. They also have groceries from local vendors. They’re all about reducing their footprint on the environment; so you’ll feel good, not just from the juice. Lastly, if you’re hanging around PCM, check out the Lucky Lotus Juice Bar. Sipping something yummy in the ambience of PCM is the perfect way to celebrate with your favorite friend(s). And you can get some shopping in too.

The perfect “Juice Date” card:

Laughter is the best medicine...and the best way to celebrate. Head to Dad’s Garage on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. What’s Dad’s Garage? An improv theatre company housed in an old church in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. There’s arguably no better way to spend a night than doubled over, laughing with your favorite person. Plus, you can enjoy a beer while watching (but be sure not to spit it out mid-laugh).

Best card for the “Funny Friend”:


The fan favorite: Brunch. Atlanta is overflowing with good brunch spots, and there’s something about sharing an 11AM almost-breakfast/almost-lunch that really brings people together. Highland Bakery is a prime spot for people watching, buying fresh breads and donuts, or sitting down to eat a killer eggs benedict or sweet potato pancakes. Once you’re done ogling the food and saying “yuuuummm” you’ll have the opportunity for good conversation and some rekindling of “the friendship fire.” Cheesy but true. Want something especially classy? Head to the recently opened Bread & Butterfly brasserie for pastries and omelettes and wine — European style. Their menus have names like “Petit Déjeuner” and their brunch menu sports “Shrimp Remoulade” and “Brioche Toast.” Yeah. It’s the perfect amount of casual and fancy. Let’s face it, Brunch is perfect for any special occasion. Or any weekend, really. But we recommend making brunch dates your National Best Friends Day staple.

A baking-themed card to fit the mood for food (yes, there’s a baking-themed card):

Don’t forget to take a second to celebrate and appreciate. Happy Best Friends Day from Breathless Paper Company!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .