Show season is just about here.

Every six months it's show season. And somehow it feels like it is impossible that six whole, entire months have gone by. We always are FULL of ideas. I think I should say, that I am always overly full of ideas and Matt has to help, get me focused on what is possible to accomplish and accomplish well. Thank goodness for that! Haha! It is why I truly think we made our sweet little company able to be what it is today. We have been true to our partnership and work as a team, always. 

Matt (my awesometastic husband) is truly an amazing designer. He stays true to our brand and creates every single card. I only come in on the design process at two different stages. The first is the ideas, concepting and laughing. And, the second is at the end to talk colors and final touches. Sometimes, we will change an idea that point in the process too. Because, we ultimately are aiming to create goods we personally love but most importantly that others love so everything sells great. 

This month, in Atlanta at Americasmart (our first show of the season), we are launching our newest line. Oh my, m g (as our son says), am I excited!! It is soooooo fun. It is an all Birthday line of cards, celebrating the one day a year that every single person in the world has their own day to be celebrated. I am also pretty psyched on the name AND logo!! It is Blowing Candles by Breathless Paper Co. We did this line different then all our other lines. But, it still looks great side by side with every other line. Matt took paint, brushes, rollers and paper to create shapes and textures. Then, manipulated them to work how he wanted for each card design. He changed the colors and then added the type (as always we bought some great new ones). It is a fun artsy bright line. So, we did coordinating color envelopes instead of keeping it all the same. We can not wait to see how the response is! 



Posted on January 3, 2016 .