The Art of Letterpress: Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe letterpress is a company comprised of a family of lifelong printers and creatives. Honestly, we love and trust Blue Canoe with our most delicate and loved designs. They've brought some of my most favorite passion projects to life. So we got personal with the duo -- Gale and Becca -- about crafting incredible designs, following the footsteps of the family biz, making cards for Atlanta Falcons and overcoming struggles. 

Breathless Paper Co.: Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got started doing it. 

Gale: My dad was in printing, and in 1960 started a color separation trade business serving the printing industry. I always went to work with my dad, and actually began making plates, and line negatives when I was 8. I learned how to "make" color separations and screen positives when I was 13.  Printing, and it's processes, have been a part of my life a long time. Several years ago, I told Becca that she needed to find someone with a letterpress to reproduce some of her "doodles." When my life had a major "shift" around the same time, it was a natural step for us to start a letterpress business.

BPC: What sort of clients do you typically work with / what kinds of projects do you usually take on? 

Becca: We get to work with a variety of clients, so we are actually quite spoiled in that we never get bored. Our highest traffic would probably be amidst the wedding industry and bespoke stationary. It’s our privilege to not only work with some of the most talented and nationally recognized designers in the southeast, but also to call them friends.

Gale: As Becca says, we are blessed to work with a number of very talented designers.  We have also had the good fortune of working with a few brokers which have given us the opportunity to print some creative pieces for corporate clients. We enjoy trying new things, and printing on unique mediums...and several of our clients have trusted us experimenting a bit...making it possible for us to learn a lot about what can be done with letterpress that is "outside the box." 

BPC: Is there a recent project you've most enjoyed or a specific project that has been your overall favorite? 

Becca: Oh this is hard…we may give you different answers, but personally I would say the truly unique jobs where we get to experiment and bring to life an artist’s “dream." One that stands out for me would have to be when I got to design and print a unique thank you card for an Atlanta Falcon. Printing on wood and being able to create the flame/charred effect with ink was a bit of a thrill.

Gale: As Becca says, this is tough to pick just one!  One that sticks out is a project we did for a client that had several steps which were new to us.  We duplexed a linen fabric to a cotton stock, letterpress printed, diecut & scored (to make a passport holder), and then sewed pockets into the inside front & hold a "Save the Date".  What we made was to be used after the "Save the Date" purpose as passport holders for those attending the destination wedding in Europe.

BPC: How and when did you begin working with Breathless Paper Co.? Tell us a little bit about the projects you've completed for them.

Gale: Jessica contacted us about her idea to letterpress a new project, and using a double thick card stock. These thicker stocks cannot be run through an offset press, nor a digital press.  It was important to Jessica to use one of these thicker stocks, and she really wanted the letterpress deboss effect anyway.  Their idea was the "Tiny Cards: Big Words" suite of cards.  I think the original project was for 40 different cards, printed on 220# Lettra. We have not only enjoyed immensely our opportunity to be a small part of the  Breathless Paper "team", but value the way they work and "do business".  They are EXCEPTIONAL!

BPC: What is the most rewarding part of the job you do? 

Becca: Making a client proud to present something you’ve created on their behalf is quite possibly the greatest reward in this industry. Whether it's a businessman who looks for opportunity to give out his card, or a designer who gets to see her creative thoughts enhanced and appreciated in medium…the ability to encourage self-confidence is an honor.

Gale: It has always been a dream of mine to "be creative" in some any way. So, when a creative person gives me the chance to be a part of their creative process...and they love what we do...that is rewarding.

BPC: When you looked forward at your life many years ago, did you see yourself doing letterpress for a living? 

Becca: Ha! This just makes me laugh! Absolutely not! As a college athlete, biology majoring, doodle hobby-ing young woman, owning and operating a letterpress business with my parents was not even something that I thought I could dream of, let alone see a projection towards.

Gale: For me...this question makes me smile!  I worked for my dad from the time I was 8...through high school when not studying or involved in sports at school...during college on weekends and summers.  Then I went to medical dad had a heart attack in my second year of medical school...I left medical school to run the family business (printing)...did that for 17 dad was killed in an accident...we went out of business in 1997...I went to work for Scientific-Atlanta...then Cisco Systems...they “retired me" in 2013...I was diagnosed with lymphoma..we started Blue Canoe Letterpress.  I guess you could say...I have not had many opportunities to look too far ahead...and when I did, what "I saw" would be changed or redirected by "life." BUT - Printing...putting ink on paper...has always been a dream of mine.  In my dad's business we had a 4-color proof press...and a small harris offset press.  I loved watching those precision machines "do their thing" to rhythm all their own...  I have always wanted to print!  Letterpress is doing that at the most interesting..."tactile level". 

BPC: How did "Blue Canoe Letterpress" get its name? 

Becca: My parents live around a lake and canoeing has always been a favorite pastime. Growing up we've had a couple canoes, but only one that was blue. This blue canoe went down in family history when our friends' car caught fire with the canoe anchored to its roof. Nobody was hurt, so it was a rather hilarious and awkward phone call that had us all remembering the blue canoe in a glowingly glorious death. 

BPC: It seems like the paper goods and letterpress "industry" is growing, especially in the maker and entrepreneur community. What do you think of this growth and how has it been to be a part of it? 

Becca: We love it! Growing up in the printing industry and being a third generation printer, I feel as if people are finally appreciating this art form and nod to history the way that it deserves. It’s such a personal work process, with hand mixing the ink, hand feeding the press, hand wrapping and assessing for quality…that said it’s like a proud parent watching their child get their first raise because a higher-up recognized their worth.

Gale: Becca is so right.  Letterpress has many facets at which we you personally "touch" the work in progress.  There are so many points at which you make decisions and adjustments that effect the final get the chance to be a real part of the creative process.  I think this is one of the reasons for the resurgence of letterpress.  It is not a "cookie cutter"/mass produced, rendering of what a designer has in their head.  Letterpress allows for so many points of personal touch and the making of each piece a little unique.  When you hold in your hands a piece of stationery that has been "letterpressed" it is obvious that it is a piece of custom handiwork...from an old school way of craftsmanship!  This is rare today...and people are growing more and more appreciative of these types of things - the marks of personal touch...reaching for ways to communicate on a more personal level, instead of the "coldness" of online personal media and email...actually seeing the evidence of life in how we communicate, and the medium we use to communicate...

BPC: What is your typical process when it comes to gaining inspiration and planning for a new project / client? What inspires you most? 

Becca: Every card or design is personal. For boo’s blue cards, each card has been designed for my own use. Selfish, right? I carry a moleskin notebook around with notes of sayings or ideas that come from anything during the day. It may be a conversation or a thought. Can’t forget that I also have the hilariously creative friends who will just send me a note with “you should make a card with this…” As far as bespoke stationary or wedding designs, I tend to spend a lot of time with my client getting to know them and their story as an individual and then the design comes naturally. These items are a representation of the individual and as such should be treated with the attention to detail appropriately befitting.

Gale: For me (the UNcreative person, totally dependent on the creativity of others), I yearn for those times that our clients ask us the question, "how could you do this?", or "could you make something like this?"; "what do you think about this, and how could we do it?"...etc.  This really gets the side of me that "yearns to be creative" going...  These are the opportunities for us to really be a unique part of the creative process for the REALLY CREATIVE people.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.15.13 PM.png

Blue Canoe has three generations worth of heart and experience. Thanks, to Gale and Becca for their spirit and for being a valued part of some of my favorite projects. 


Breathless Paper Co. 

Breathless Paper Co. on the West Coast

Recently, Matt and I traveled to LA for a trip that was part business, part pleasure - and 100% totally awesome.

After a whirlwind of flight changes and lost luggage, we went to dinner and the to see Levon - a band Matt is working with - at the Peppermint Room in West Hollywood. The space was great, and the sound was even better! Plus, the band was an incredible rock/country mix and are clearly so talented. 


Matt spent time in LA right after college, so I got to see into a part of his life I'd never experienced, and it was so fun! We drove the Belmont Shores neighborhood and had brunch at a small hole in the wall diner - Chuck's Coffee - which we both loved. It's retro in style and has the best omelettes. My favorite part, though was the sign that read: "Locally World Famous." 

Once Matt headed off to work at his video shoot with the band, I met my cousins in Dana Pointe for the day. My takeaway from the journey was: traffic is terrible. Nonetheless, I made it back to the hotel just in time to grab cocktails with Matt after his shoot!

Wednesday was an early start! Matt was working all day so I was on my own to explore and pop in to see a bunch of shops, some of which have been carrying Breathless Paper Co. for years!

The drive to Pasadena from Marina del Ray was gorgeous, and the perfect way to start a day. I went to see Marci, who owns the most wonderful special shop called Lulamae. It is full of amazing energy and was truly a special spot. She also has her own line of greeting cards that are hilarious!! I had to have some of the cards, and I also picked up the best little wish jar as a gift for Matt. 

I worked up an appetite walking around Pasadena, so I stopped for lunch and then ducked into Buttercup, a great baby gear and kids shop. Of course, I had to find something for our little ones. I snagged some new sets of tegu blocks for them since they just love them, and I love watching them get creative when they play. 

Next stop: Culver City. I popped into Lundeens - a shop packed with awesomeness. They carry an incredible mix of baby and kids goods (yes…my kids got some great stuff from here too!) as well as stationery, candles, body products and some hilarious finds that gave me a good laugh.

Later on, I went to Burro in Venice Beach. Let me just tell you... this shop was all i imagined it to be and more! We have been working with them for years and i wanted to buy everything. I left with just what I could fit into my suitcase among the things I got our kiddos. 

Los Angeles is full of unique boutiques and hip spots that allow creativity to thrive. I couldn't get enough! Matt and I loved exploring, and I was so happy to cross some shops off my list. As if you needed anyone else to convince you LA is awesome... I'm giving you my recommendation!



Breathless Paper Co.

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Meet "Deep South Social"

If you know me, you know that I'm passionate about bringing makers and entrepreneurs together, sharing talents, collaborating, and celebrating creativity. For all those reasons, Deep South Social was born.

For those of you who don't know, Deep South Social is a creative consultancy that represents a collection of lifestyle brands, all born and raised in the South. Our focus is on brands and people who have mastered their craft and create quality, unique products with pride and love. We've grown to an amazing 17 brands, including Breathless Paper Co., and we're loving the incredible collaborations and successes that come from this collective. Keep reading to find out more!

Me, Jessica, one of the Deep South Social founders (and your Breathless Paper Co. gal!) 

Me, Jessica, one of the Deep South Social founders (and your Breathless Paper Co. gal!) 

Born from a love of Southern designed goods, business collaboration and great ideas, founders Jessica Berinato (of Breathless Paper Co.) and Ashley Schoenith (of heirloomed + IceMilk Aprons) want to help bring these like-minded entrepreneurs together and share how wonderful they are with the world. The community of Southern brands makes for a collaborative group of amazing companies that continue to appeal to the same audiences and that support each other as a team.

We truly love working with passionate people to support them with marketing, public relations, design, tradeshow services, sales materials, wholesale representation + more.  Between us, we have over 15 years experience in being business owners, marketing agency, retail store owners & wholesale expertise - but most importantly we are entrepreneurs ourselves who run our own businesses. Through our own efforts, our small businesses have been featured by media outlets such as Oprah, Martha Stewart and a variety of the Southern, decor, food and lifestyle publications out there, and we have worked with such companies as Nordstrom, Target, & Hallmark, as well as a large variety of independent retailers across the country, and world-wide.

Ashley, my partner in crime, co-founder of Deep South Social, and designer at heirloomed! 

Ashley, my partner in crime, co-founder of Deep South Social, and designer at heirloomed! 

Check out our family of brands below... we're pretty obsessed with them. 

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Gift Guide: Mother's Day & Graduation

The months of April, May and even early June are full of celebrations of two important groups of people: moms and grads, both of which deserve the best of the best when it comes to rejoicing in their accomplishments and hard work. You probably know (or maybe you are) both a mom and a grad and if so, this gift guide is for you!

We compiled some of our favorite goods from makers and entrepreneurs we love, and paired them with some of our best cards. Click each card to find it on our site. Check it out!

Mother's Day gifts we love...

Joe Malone Red Roses Perfume from Nordstrom 

Fresh Flowers from Amelias Flower Truck in Nashville

Bellocq Tea from Paris Market in Savannah

Essential Oils from Love Your Mama


Graduation gifts we love...

"Hustle" Ring by Katherine Smith Jewelry (buy at Urban Cottage or Louette Boutique)

Glossier Phase 1 Set

Dopp Kit from Sturdy Brothers

Happy Spring + Happy Celebrating!

xoxo, Breathless Paper Co.

Our Inspirations + Our Story


It started with wedding invitations, baby announcements and party invites. 

But even before that, I (Jess) was hand-making cards to be sold in my mom's shop, Urban Cottage. I've always been infatuated with the idea of handmade cards and handmade letters, and sending mail overall. My family, friends, and even my two and four-year-old get mail from me (they are absolutely elated to get anything in the mail, even from me -- it's hilarious!)

My husband, Matt and I soon decided to take things to the next level and make a whole round of cards. I researched the ideal way to provide our future retailers with an outstanding, quality product for the best price point possible. While I did that, Matt began perfecting our aesthetic -- something unique to us (and he totally nailed it). 

Jessica and Matt Berinato

Jessica and Matt Berinato

With a round of cards done -- our original collection -- I got on the road and "pounded the pavement" to gather retailers' reactions to our work. I was so energized by the support we received, and before we knew it we were on our way to becoming a full-fledged paper company! 

Matt, River & Scout

Matt, River & Scout

One of our faves from the original collection

One of our faves from the original collection

We did our first trade show with less than fifty card designs, our catalog on cds, handwritten invoices, and fingers crossed. We were floored by the reaction we got. We wrote order after order and grew more and more thankful through it all. Now, we're ten years in and that thankfulness has only multiplied.

So, where does our inspiration come from? The everyday moments. The feelings we want to be able to give, the smiles and laughter we want to provide. Our cards are about having faith in oneself, learning lessons and loving everyone.


When it comes to design, Matt has that on lock. He and I work on the concepts and end decisions together, but our team works because we both do what we are good at and let each other lead. The design of our original line was inspired by old advertising art that Matt purchased and redrew, giving it a new life while maintaining its vintage feel and authenticity. Then, we added Out of Breath, our adult humor line (if you know what I mean...) 

Then, we dreamed up our Baby's Breath children's collection. This line came from listening to the funny way our nephew thought and spoke; we found it absolutely endearing. Next came Mini Breaths -- itty bitty cards with a whole lot of character. After going small, we went loud, and added Fresh Breath. It's a line with a lot of bright color and a bunch of fun. 

Our birthday line, Blowing Candles is a hand-painted masterpiece! Matt went outside and got creative, painting a bunch of shapes and textures on paper. Those paintings were scanned into the computer and that's how the look of our birthday cards was born. This was also the first line that got colored envelopes!

Scout, our daughter, inspired our Deep Breath line -- darker, deeper and filled with notes that merge the inspirational and the fun. Matt did an incredible job developing this new aesthetic and I fell in love with it. This line just continues to grow!

Last year, I added my little labor of love: Tiny Cards. Big Words. These gorgeous, thick, hand-lettered cards come their own slide box, ready to be given or kept or passed along. This project was a long time coming; I'd been dreaming it up since we started our little company.

"Collect Moments Not Things" from our Tiny Cards. Big Words. collection

"Collect Moments Not Things" from our Tiny Cards. Big Words. collection

In short, Breathless Paper Co. is a company born from creativity, passion, and a love of loving people. Tons of thought and laughter goes into each card, and Matt and I both make sure each one is just right for you guys. We're overwhelmed by the ten years worth of love you've shown us, and we can't wait to keep loving you right back and shelling out new designs that you can mail, hold onto, and pin up. 


Meet Our Retailers: LOUETTE BOUTIQUE

Community is everything. Here at Breathless Paper Co. we're fortunate to have an incredible extended community that reaches across the nation. We thank people like YOU for that! We also thank our retailers and stockists - those people and shops that latch onto our designs and buy into the Breathless Paper Co. philosophy. 

This time, we're giving a HUGE thank you and an even bigger hug to a retailer and close friend of Breathless: Louette Boutique in Hilton Head, SC. 

We talked to Heather Quinn, owner of Louette Boutique, about her relationship with Breathless Paper, her successful premier lifestyle boutique, entrepreneurship, balancing work and family, and celebrating four years in business (congrats!)

Q + A

Breathless Paper Co.: Tell us the story behind your shop. How did it start?

Louette Boutique: Louette opened in March, 2013. My Grandmother, Louette, is the inspiration behind the shop. We wanted to capture her love of style but also her way of living - loving art, classic style and the "finer things in life." 

BPC: What is your shop "philosophy"? 

LB: We appreciate the simple loveliness in life. Louette is a lifestyle boutique specializing in clothes "you live in" and gift/home items that marry "vintage classic style" with the new. The shop has been carefully outfitted with reclaimed wood dating back to the early 1900's. Its a family affair - my husbands company The Twelve Oaks Group designed and built the shop. I wanted to create a shopping experience - to bring back the "old" way of shopping, where you knew the store owners name, you could pop-in and chat. We want people to feel at home in Louette. I love my clients come in and say "I just wanted to pop-in, its so lovely in here. I love coming in here."

BPC: How long have you carried Breathless Paper Co. products? 

LB: I have carried BPC since we opened! Its one of our staples. People run into Louette saying "I need to grab one of your cards...I just love them." BPC is a great representation of brands we seek out. Its a small, woman-owned, southern company. I seek out local/regional brands when possible. And...its a bonus that me and Jess are life-long friends. 

BPC: How do you know Jessica (of Breathless Paper Co.)? Tell me about your relationship.

LB: Jess and I met in 3rd grade in Catholic school. We were on the same summer swim team together - we pretty much lived together during the summer months. Jessica has always had a love of pretty things...I can remember we would spend afternoons re-arranging our rooms..looking back we were basically "merchandising". Ha! When I began the process of creating the concept for Louette, Jess was my first phone call. She has been my mentor through this whole process.

BPC: What's your favorite BPC product that you sell? What's your favorite card saying? 

LB: My favorite product right now are the Tiny Cards. They have been one of our top gifts this year. My all-time favorite card is..."Sorry" (with the horses a*s) Ha! I just feel that card says so much in so little words. The simplicity of saying "sorry" can go a long way. 

BPC: Do you guys have a "best seller" card or other BPC item? 

LB: "Happy Birthday You Old Bag" is our best-selling card and the Tiny Cards do really well right now. 

BPC: You're celebrating 4 years in business! Congratulations. What are the ups and downs of starting and maintaining a boutique? 

LB: Thank you! Honestly, this has been a whirlwind. Louette started off with a bang - we even had celebrity clients (like Stella McCartney!) seek us out in our first year. In the past four years...not only did I open Louette but I also had two babies. The upside and downside are kinda the same: the upside: I get to do what I love. But because I own my own business, I can spend time with my two girls. The downside: because I am with my girls so much, they are in the shop a lot. Its pretty stressful! I'm multi-tasking all day long and could not do it without my amazing team of Louette Ladies. 

BPC: What do you like about being in Hilton Head?

LB: Living in the Lowcountry is amazing - especially with kids. I feel super blessed. I get to take my girls bike riding through Sea Pines, we go to the beach. We are outside all the time. The people are lovely and laid back. 

BPC: Now that you've hit this 4-year milestone, what does the future of Louette Boutique look like?

LB: We are looking to build our online business. A lot of our regular customers live on HHI part-time. We are building our site to ensure that people can get items from Louette wherever they are. I would love to continue focusing on local/regional designers as well. 

BPC: What's your favorite quote?

LB: "You must do the things you think you cannot do" -Eleanor Roosevelt

BPC: Anything else you'd like to add about being an entrepreneur and a business woman?

LB: I get asked a lot about how I started Louette. The truth is...I don't really know. It was a dream and I just did it. I've had to learn from many mistakes and spend lots of time "outside my comfort zone." But, I feel so much pride knowing that I took a risk. I'm proud that my daughters see their mother working hard and honestly, I think the biggest gift I can teach my girls is how success is not always succeeding. Most of my success has come from making really big mistakes and learning from them.

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I think its super important to surround yourself with people that don't always tell you what you want to hear. Jessica has been such a source of inspiration for me - not only is she a very dear friend, she is a kick-ass business woman. There have been many times that Jess tells me what I DON'T want to hear. That is a true friend. I'm so lucky to have such a strong woman in my corner. 

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We Believe in Nashville!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 4.38.19 PM.png

Recently, our family and our paper company made the move from Atlanta to Nashville. It's been an adventure in setting up our new life and exploring the nooks and crannies of this city. We love where we are now, and we cannot wait to share with you our favorite places to eat, sip, adventure and shop. Read on! 

Favorite places discovered when exploring:

OMG (Old Made Good) - East Nashville

OMG has everything vintage, from a great band tee to an old map or antique chairs. It's a must-do whenever you're in East Nashville.

Judith Bright - 12 South

Judith Bright has jewelry made right on site by the nicest women -- they even made bracelets for my kids while they watched!

Bloom - 12 South


This place is one of the best little flower shops we've ever been to, also in the amazing 12 South neighborhood. Stop in to treat yourself or someone you love with a gorgeous bouquet! 

The kids' favorite find:

Philip's Toy Mart - West Nashville


Our kids can't get enough of this place. The toy selection is crazy amazing, and they have a train all set up that is mind blowing. 

Visiting with Family:

This past weekend, my sister and my soon-to-be brother in law came to visit and our weekend was jam-packed. We went to the nearby Franklin and sipped on the amazing Franklin Juice Co. Then, we walked around downtown and popped into Whites Mercantile (one of my favorite Nashville finds) and Rock Paper Scissorsan awesome paper shop (which, of course, we love). 

For eats, we chose Flipside in 12 South for lunch, and The Pinewood for dinner. The Pinewood is also a bowling alley, and it made for an awesome "just adults" night. Afterwards, we grabbed drinks at super trendy Old Glory in EdgehillNashville is full of all kinds of eateries and watering holes, and we recommend checking out all the places we mentioned.

We Believe In Nashville & we can't wait to keep exploring!

Cocktails, Parties & Paper Goods!

Spring is quickly approaching, and we couldn't be more ready for warm weather and outdoor get-togethers. Get-togethers mean parties and parties mean cocktails. And where there are cocktails, you'll find our cocktail napkins!

They come in white and charcoal gray, foiled with gorgeous lettering. From "Oh, happy day!" to "Happy Hangover," there's a napkin for every kind of get-together and springtime throw-down. You can order them by emailing us HERE

We're shouting out some of the awesome places that you can pick up a fresh batch of our napkins -- pay 'em a visit!

ShadowboxChattanooga, TN

Savi ProvisionsAtlanta, GA - Midtown & Brookhaven

IsabelMiami, FL

Shed BoutiqueChagrin Falls, OH

The Treehouse of SmyrnaSmyrna, GA

Now that you know where to snag napkins for your next party (or after-work drink), we're sharing our favorite cocktail recipes. Get shaking & stirring!








Photo from Cocktail Crate

Photo from Cocktail Crate







Photo from Epicurious

Photo from Epicurious

We hope you choose our paper goods as your go-to for celebrating life's best moments. Feel free to reach out and talk to us or order here.

Cheers to spring! 

The Season of Love & Giving

It's that time of year: Love is in the air and absolutely everywhere! Valentine's Day is about celebrating your significant other, sure, but it's so much more than that. We've got the perfect picks for you to gift to your best guy and gal friends, the littlest members of your family and your better-half. Read on for tips on where to grab cute gifts (and our cards, of course)!

For Your Galentine:

Grice Grove (245 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA):

Grice Grove boutique in Virginia Highlands is teeming with unique gifts perfect for your best girlfriend, coworker, neighbor...or yourself. Our pick is the Pineapple Shot Glass paired with our Mini Breaths "You Are The Jam" card. This killer combo says "you're my favorite!" and also "let's party." 

Domaine South (110 Cleveland Ave NW, Huntsville, AL):

Domaine South specializes in wine, kitchen and home...a triple threat. We recommend getting some of their Sugarfina treats and a Mini Breaths "Love" card. Something tasty and something cute, a match made in heaven. 

For The Gents:

Abode Mercantile (1002 Fatherland St #101, Nashville, TN):

Abode is one of our favorite Nashville spots. Grab one of their awesome Eli Mason cocktail mixer sets and pair it with Olive and Sinclair Chocolate and a "You're Really Hot" card from our original collection (you can order it all on their website, too!)

Beer Greetings (

Beer Greetings is one of the newest (and coolest) ways to gift beer. Pick your pack and your messaging and send it to your significant other or best guy friend (or girlfriend!) Craft beer given with love. 

For The Littles:

Urban Cottage, Inc. (998 North Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA):

Urban Cottage has a special place in our heart. Head there to get an always-popular Jellycat and a Fresh Breath "Love Muffin" card for your little one. 

Magpies (6019 TN-100, Nashville, TN):

Magpies has gifts and fun grabs for every occasion. For Valentine's we recommend a stack of books like our favorite, The Most by Anna McCoy.

We're so excited for this wonderful season of love and the joy it brings. We should tell our loved ones how much they matter everyday, but sometimes we need a reminder, like Valentine's Day, to show us how grateful we all should be. Go tell someone you love them!

Happy Valentine's Day from Breathless Paper Co.

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Holiday Roundup

The holidays are a favorite time (and a busy time) for so many. Here at Breathless Paper Co., we especially love this time of year because it's card season. We're all thinking up the best way to show and tell those we love how much they matter to us, and naturally that means searching for the perfect card. We also love this time of year because it's cocktail season, which means our napkins and coasters get the spotlight. 

Below we're shouting out some of our awesome retailers that have us in stock locally and nationwide. We love to brag on our vendors!

Thanks, Grice Grove, for loving our napkins!

Thanks, Grice Grove, for loving our napkins!

Our friends in Hilton Head, Louette Boutique, have great Christmas gifts in stock (including our "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" napkins!)

Our friends in Hilton Head, Louette Boutique, have great Christmas gifts in stock (including our "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" napkins!)

One of our favorite cards, shown here by Resource Serenbe!

One of our favorite cards, shown here by Resource Serenbe!

New Orleans -- you can grab our napkins & cards too! Head to Waxing the City Elmwood.

New Orleans -- you can grab our napkins & cards too! Head to Waxing the City Elmwood.

Urban Cottage has a huge selection of holiday cards for every person on your list, we promise.

Urban Cottage has a huge selection of holiday cards for every person on your list, we promise.

We appreciate all of your love and support this season. Don't forget the cards to go with your Christmas gifts! Feel free to contact us for more information on retailers, or to buy wholesale. 

Happy Holidays from Breathless Paper Co. 

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